How It Works


Simply enter the KEYWORD PHRASE that best describes your product or service or industry and hit search. The Questions Monster application will bring back the top trending questions people are asking online that relates to your business. Afterwards, you can select the questions you want and download them to an Excel spreadsheet. That is how simple it is!



Customers on the Enterprise plan can schedule  to receive weekly Questions Alerts sent to them via email based on your pre-chosen KEYWORDS. You can enter up to 5 keywords at a time and we will send you weekly email alerts with the questions that relate to those keywords. You can change your keywords after every 7 days.


You don’t have to do anything, just give us your keywords, then schedule the date you will like to receive your first alert, then sit back, enjoy and watch magic happen every week.






If you own a business, your website traffic is critical, so you need a process to ensure that your site can keep up with a constant demand for fresh, relevant and engaging high-quality content.

Every weekly email alert you receive will include a link that is unique to you that gives you the ability to select questions of your choice and assign them as BLOG TITLES to our team of professional writers who will write keyword rich blog articles and send them to you or upon request, post them to your business blog every month. This is designed to drive tons of traffic to your website and position you or your business as subject matter experts.

If you don’t have a business blog yet, that’s OK. Our team of developers will help design professionally looking WordPress business blogs for you with highly relevant plugins.





We offer businesses professional keyword research service, using a team of skilled keyword researchers. Our researchers combine experience and judgment with technology to undertake keyword research evaluation that no tool alone can deliver.

Our clients are small businesses looking to optimize their websites for keywords that best fits their line of businesses. They are typically resource-constrained by time and limited access to skilled keyword research resources.

To obtain the best results from our Questions Monster application, you must start with the right keyword terms. Firstly, find the best keyword terms for your business – those with high monthly search volumes and then, use the Questions Monster application to grab the questions people are asking that relates to those keywords.

Questions Monster solves that time and resource constraint challenges many small businesses face by helping to identify search trends, find long-tail terms and identify related keyword opportunities.